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How to Use This Site
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Welcome to the BDPA website, supporting the BDPA mission to promote excellence information technology through certification, education and professional resources. The site is designed to help members and registered users develop professional skills and behaviors, networking, and to support the profession and communities.

A note on accessibility. If you find the font size too small for comfortable reading or want to make the page larger or smaller on the screen, use the resizing capability built into most browsers. Press <Ctrl>+ to increase screen size, <Ctrl>- to decrease size and <Ctrl>0 to restore default size settings.


  1. How to Use This Site
  2. How to Manage Your Profile
  3. How to Renew Your Membership

How to Use This Site

Note: Considerable thought has gone into this site, but it is not complete. We will release additional features and content and make improvements as we hear from our members

The site is a powerful tool for your use. Please take the time to learn how best to use it. Familiarize yourself with the menu system, which remains visible on all pages. The main menu categories are:

Home- Home page of (after transfer on January 1), providing a few of the most recent news items and upcoming events (right side, with links to full calendar and news).

About BDPA- This section contains a message for the National President and information the leadership of the national organization. Links to subpages with BDPA mission, vision and bylaws. Link to leadership page containing access to board of Directors, chapter presidents, and national committees. Includes FAQ.

Chapters - traditional geographic-based communities, many of which hold monthly professional development and networking programs. The main menu links the site visitor to a landing (public) page or the chapter's main group (private) page. Groups are private because of the ability to post content and photos and participate in discussion forums. However, chapter guests are welcome (free and instant registration). A secondary menu level for each chapter provides a link to the chapter's events calendar with online registration.

Membership- Description of the value of and access to the benefits of membership in BDPA.

  • Membership Categories - describes the categories of membership available to individuals
  • Member Benefits - specific list of current member benefits and links (member only) to access those benefits

Conference - The BDPA National Technology Conference for members and by members (since 1977), for successful professionals and those who want to be.

Donations - make a donation to several of BDPA's causes

Sponsors – information about and for BDPA sponsors, organizations and individuals with whom BDPA has developed a business or strategic relationship.

BDPA Interactive - BDPA social networks, blogs and forums allow post and responses to topics of interest to the membership or special interest groups, accessible only to those who have registered on the website. Members may also elect to be notified of individual blogs by subscribing or monitoring a BDPA RSS feed

Community Calendar - Upcoming events of interest to management consultants that can be sorted into chapter or national calendars. Members and others may register through the website, and may also elect to be notified of events by subscribing to an IMC RSS feed.

How to Manage Your Profile

Your profile is one of your most important resources on the BDPA website. It is your opportunity to showcase your skills and experience to other members and the public. Access your profile by clicking the "Manage My Profile" link on the home page. On any other page, all information needed to manage your profile, set your preferences and renew your dues are on the right side of the page under the "Manage My Membership" menu.

You have a lot of control over how much information to make available to others and how much you would like to be contacted. However, you create greater professional and business development opportunities by your participation in more groups, balanced by your desire for privacy. The links in Manage My Profile are:

Profile Home - how your personal profile appears to registered site users (BDPA members and registered guests)

My Public Profile- how your personal profile appears to unregistered users (your personal blogs and photo albums, if you chose to create them, and the section titled "More Information" are hidden). IMPORTANT: only that information shown in your Public Profile is visible to search engines. Your personal blogs, photos, connections and information in the More Information field are only visible to registered members of the BDPA community.

Manage Profile- update all parts of your profile and hide certain data fields (e.g., email address, home address, personal information) by clearing the check box next to the data field.Alsoallows you to set preference for subscriptions, designate certain pages as favorites, manage your photo gallery of your uploaded images, designate members you wish to connect to, track referrals, look at a list of past and future events for which you have registered through the BDPA website, and manage your membership.
Groups- list of communities to which you have registered (your primary chapter has already been assigned, but you may elect to change this), including leadership positions, and committees.

Networks - links to your profiles on other social network sites (e.g., Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter) , which extends your access to other professionals and lets others access yours (optional)

Files and Links- list of files you have attached to your personal profile (e.g., corporate brochure, sample reports, downloadable books and white papers).

Favorites - list of National BDPA website pages you have designated as your favorites, which speeds your access (no need to navigate through the menu). These can include chapter pages, resources, events, or any custom page on the site (designated by clicking the star at the top of the page. Members may designate categories into which to group favorites.

My Messages - internal messages received from another member who wants to contact you (number indicates how many were received while you were offline)

My Connections - you may choose to connect to selected members (similar to Facebook) that provides more messaging options (number indicates how many new requests you have received from people who want to connect with you).

Membership Info- indicates your membership type and status of membership. This is where you would renew your membership.

Refer a Friend- share with colleagues the opportunity to participate in the BDPA professional, network, and development activities. If someone you refer using this system registers with the BDPA Website, either as a guest or paid member, you will receive credit and may be eligible for special discounts and recognition.

Member profiles are the core of your visibility to other members and to the public. Many characteristics are hotlinked so you can identify all members with those characteristics. For example, if you see in a profile that a member has an a Consulting Expertise in Health Informatics, click on that link to pull up a directory of all BDPA members with that area of expertise (perfect for teaming).

Only Financially Current Members have profiles. Guests and Lapsed Members are not eligible to post member profiles.

If you do not see a certification that you hold, use the Contact Us form to suggest we include it. Additions are based on both the logic of the suggestion and the number of individual recommendations it's for inclusion.

How to Renew Your Membership

Under "My Profile" on the right side of the page, click "Membership Info" (second to bottom menu item) to access your membership status and renew your membership, if applicable. This will tell you your current member type and the status of your membership. Click the "Securely renew your membership now" link to renew. If you would like an email confirmation of your dues payment sent to you, click the "Send confirmation email" link after you have competed your transaction. That's it.

Click "Contact Us" at the top of any page if you have any questions

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