Best Companies for

Blacks in Technology Award

For over 40 years, BDPA has partnered with corporate America to provide a steady stream of talented African Americans in IT.

BDPA offers our stakeholders in corporations, educational institutions and government agencies opportunities to network with other employers, career professionals and students in the pursuit of IT talent and services, as well as receive critical information on technology trends.

The prestigious Top Companies for Blacks in Technology award is presented annually during the National BDPA Technology Conference and Career Fair to the company that best demonstrates a workplace and environment that supports the advancement of African-Americans in the Information Technology industry. Each year, National BDPA surveys Fortune 1000 companies to make an assessment of their internal workplace and career development climate using the following rating categories:

Tenure, Promotions and Terminations
Leadership Development and Advancement
Supplier Diversity
Community & BDPA Engagement

Award Application Submission Process

All nominations for the Best Companies for Blacks in Technology Award must be submitted to with a completed application package by July 1, 2016. Your responses to the questions within the application package are strictly confidential and will be evaluated by the executive level team of National BDPA to assist BDPA in making an assessment of the workplace and career development climate within your organization. We encourage you to answer all of the questions within the application. However, you have the option to bypass answering any questions by leaving them blank.

Please submit any questions or inquiries regarding the award or award categories to You will receive a response within seventy-two (72) hours.

Previous Winner of the

Best Companies for Blacks in Technology Award

2015 Award Winner

Johnson & Johnson

2015 Award Finalists

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan
Johnson & Johnson

Award Winner in 2012

Cox Enterprises

Wells Fargo

Award Winner in 2014

Hewlett-Packard Company (hp)
State Farm Insurance Company

Blue Cross Blue Shield of IL, MT, NM, OK and TX

Award Winner in 2011 & 2013

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